Great Thumbnails, More Views!

One of the easiest ways to attract more Views (and Subscribers) is to have great thumbnails. But what YOU think is great may NOT be to your audience.

And the only way to be 100% sure is to test different thumbnails with an audience. Don’t waste days creating an awesome video and then have no-one watch it because your thumbnail is a ‘dud’.

The other Benefit of Testing

Publicly polling and testing your thumbnails also has another positive side-effect.

It provides you with a powerful and subtle way to pre-promote your video to a new (or existing) audience before the video’s release, attracting new viewers, more views and more subscribers than if you just launched the video alone.

To see what a sample Thumbnail Poll looks like, CLICK HERE.

How it Works

Testing your thumbnails is easy. To create a Thumbnail Poll, simply press the POST button in the main menu bar and select the Thumbnail Poll option.


Thumbnail Tester Instructions:

Below are some screenshot instructions just in case you get stuck.


Press the POST button and select Thumbnails, then Create a Thumbnail Poll.



Give your Thumbnail Poll a Name and a description (if you want). Include a cover Thumbnail Pic of the thumbnail you think will win, and select the Thumbnail Polls option from the category dropdown.



Ask your thumbnail poll question (e.g. “What’s your favorite thumbnail?”), select the MIDDLE layout option, upload your thumbnails and give each one a label (e.g. A,B,C, Thumbnail A, Thumbnail B, “Thumbnail C).



Share your Poll on social media using the social share buttons to gather public opinion on top of Hub peer opinion. Not only is more feedback better, you’ll also be pre-promote your video to a broader and potentially new audience as well. They may even share it to their social networks!



Press the VIEW RESULTS button to see your Thumbnail Poll results as they come in!